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Message Subject This omnibus bill was the establishments way of driving a wedge between Trump and his base
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I really pisses me off that all the Trump supporters are falling for this and responding exactly the way the establishment hoped they would. Trump is only partially to blame for this. He did not see the establishments plan until it was too late and that is his fault.
 Quoting: LoneStarRising

I don't think anyone is happy with congress either.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75473267

They are not happy with Congress but who is the most upset here? Trump's base. They are livid over this and that was the plan all along.
 Quoting: LoneStarRising

You have a good point.

I would add that I have observed several items of interest over the past several weeks such as the Prince of Saudi visit, Bibi's visit, military drills with Israel, Iran deal to expire soon, escalation in Yemen, escalation in Syria, delay of ME peace deal for now, etc.

While I do agree that your point is a good one, I think it may be in combination with the aforementioned paragraph. This approach would kill 2 birds with one stone, so to speak. If the Congress knew that Trump HAD to sign this (because we need war preparation funds right now even if war is not tomorrow, but is forthcoming) it would be a check mate on Trump. Get the base upset and they get their war.

Not saying that my thoughts are absolutely correct. Just interesting events as of late regarding potential war.
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