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Message Subject Are Our Souls Located in Our Head?
Poster Handle yesterdays dust
Post Content
The soul is located in the head. This makes all men 'soulish' or beings trained by their senses. The head is also logical by nature. The head is also male for the sake of all these parabolic pictures.

For the past 12,000 years the Head, the male logical way has dominated spirit.

Spirit is of the heart and female and intuitive of those things of LOVE.

She the heart will change 'the blood' over the next 12,000 years. The blood is our life and it our LIFE identifies us through 'TRUTH'.

Spirit/woman/love/heart is now dominated by man-kind's logical/soulish/fleshly/sensual/head way.

Once the head moves away from ONLY his 5 senses as the heart retrains it....the heart will become 'submissive' as we become the new thing of creation.

The body is as dung to fertilize the soul and spirit.

The head is electrical of nature and the heart is magnetical of nature.

The head fires to the extent of the head size. The heart moves outside the body up to 30 feet.

She the spirit is greater than he the soul.
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