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A taxonomy of factions on the right

s. d. butler
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United States
03/26/2018 05:47 PM
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A taxonomy of factions on the right
A very interesting attempt to delineate the different allegiances out there.

It shows the complexity of the problem. The communists are much more cohesive.

[link to cascadefreezone.com (secure)]

There is no agreement on what we desire to achieve here. And in fact the degree of alignment has gone down over the last several years. Broadly I see a bunch of groups here, and they have quite different aims:

GROUP: The Constitutionalists
GOAL: Restore something that more closely resembles a previous version of our nation, perhaps the pre-1860 Republic. Disassemble or destroy most, but not all, of the Federal Government, including all the 20th Century additions from the EPA to Social Security.

GROUP: The Buppertist Anarchists
GOAL: Destroy both the Federal Government and State Governments as prelude to the spontaneous blooming of the NGU. (No Government Utopia)
I call them Buppertist Anarchists because their beliefs differ in significant way from Traditional Anarchists, who are broadly part of left. For instance the Buppertists, while hating the State with a passion, are big fans of property rights. They do not favor revolutionary violence, as most adhere to the Non Aggression Principle, but they do have expansive views of what constitutes self-defense.

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