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Microsoft To Ban ‘Offensive Language’ & Monitor Your Private Account

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03/30/2018 04:31 AM

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Microsoft To Ban ‘Offensive Language’ & Monitor Your Private Account
Microsoft is cracking down on what people say while using their services online. According to a new services agreement written by the company, the tech giant is planning to ban accounts that use “offensive language” and will go through your private data to “investigate” users.

In a March 1 release, Microsoft is warning customers using Office, Xbox, Skype, and other products that the company is prohibiting offensive language and inappropriate content starting on May 1. “Don’t publicly display or use the Services to share inappropriate content or material (involving, for example, nudity, bestiality, pornography, offensive language, graphic violence, or criminal activity),” Microsoft warns in a portion of their new codes of conduct.


[link to dfw.cbslocal.com]
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