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Message Subject The Sun Was Shown To Be An Oculus Gate/Window, A Moon And The Burning Bush From The Bible On Monday Night Raw April 9, 2018!
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I have exposed also the crap out of WWE's wrestler the game, king of kings HHH=888(number of jesus(god of gods in the bible) and chinese snake with legs/satan) in this thread.
Thread: "You're gonna lose your flesh, You're gonna burn in flames, You're gonna die like a fool"

His song is mocking us to our face how the lunar scum burn us at the end of in each of our many lives/reincarnations(see hell, purgatory in religions) and die like fools!

He dresses in skulls and bones all the time which symbolize HHH/888/shepherd jesus/cyclops is also death/hades/ruler of the land of the dead/underworld which is the very plane/cave we live on/in.

Oh check also this thread!
Thread: Birth, The Most Cruel & Painful Way To Die!

It turns out like many people say "heaven and hell is right here" and the lunar boss have us burn/bake right in front of our loved ones while them being unaware of the hell we go through and smile stupid like it's the greatest day/dayth/death of our lives!

Thread: What Happens When You Die? Look Around You This Is The Afterlife! You Died Before You Were Born!


Look how they dressed HHH in wrestlemania 30 which number 30/XXX/666 is the number of the lunar god in ancient mesopotamia.

He looks identical to Shao Khan from mortal kombat which is another character that symbolizes the lunar boss and his story reveals also critical information about him, how he operates and how like loki from thor and president snow from hunger games movies stole the throne of the earth's kingdome!

The sun oculus chinese dragon logo next to him i have decoded to symbolize sun snake ra/apophis/princess snake from dbz and gods of egypt(the head of the beast that has consumed us all).
Identical logo is shown in a new chinese movie trailer enter dracona starring arnold, jackie chan etc as an oculus window to a queen's room.

Thread: Thor Ragnarok 2017 Decoded! Earth Is Hades, Belly Of The Beast, There's No Escape! (so they say)
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