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Message Subject The Sun Was Shown To Be An Oculus Gate/Window, A Moon And The Burning Bush From The Bible On Monday Night Raw April 9, 2018!
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Lunar boss in the bible hiding in the burning bush(no man can see my face and live=medusa=ra/apophis) which turned out to symbolize our very sun reminded me the eye of sauron from lord of the rings

where was shown the lunar boss to be located right at the center of it.

They placed a fiery volcano next to it to show subliminally how that sun/eye of sauron/cyclops is also the very entrance to the underworld cave/earth/land of the dead!

In mythology hades/ruler of the underworld and the underworld itself that consumes the souls of the dead as hades is both the place and the being/beast is revealed to be also cerberus who is located at the very entrance/gate to the underworld.

The bible also reveals of the lunar boss/son of god etc to be located right at the gate/entrance/exit of our world when it says

"The only way to the Father/Heaven(place outside earth cave) is through me".

I have also decoded and exposed the only way out of here is by killing the beast(by destroying earth's 3 moons), not by going to the light/sun which is the mouth of the beast and is expecting us to go there to consume us again like a rumina animal that pushes the food from its belly back to its mouth to chew it/consume it again!

The rumina beast that is earth is a closed system(uroboros/snake eating its tail), so the food regrows within then travels to the light/head/mouth to be consumed/chewed and send back to reborn/regrow.
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