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Graham uses Fox News appearance to ask Trump not to fire Mueller

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04/12/2018 06:48 AM

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Graham uses Fox News appearance to ask Trump not to fire Mueller
[link to thehill.com]

Sen. Lindsey Graham asked President Trump during an appearance on Fox News to not fire special counsel Robert Mueller, who is currently investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

“Mr. President, if you’re watching, I think you’re gonna be fine unless you screw this up,” Graham said on Fox News. “Let the process play out. I don’t believe you colluded with the Russians, but Mueller will soon tell us. The Cohen situation I am convinced has got nothing to do with Russia.”

Graham’s comments come after reports that the president reportedly wanted to fire Mueller in December and has recently been mulling firing deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein.

The Senator said he believes that the recent raid on Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen — which was approved by Rosenstein — was unrelated to the Russian investigation.

“If Mueller was trying to squeeze Cohen, Mueller would have done it. This is something unconnected to Russia, I am 100 percent convinced of that and we’ll see what Mueller does, let him do his job,” Graham told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum.
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