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Worldwide prayers from 8 to 10 daily

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 76219509
04/12/2018 11:54 AM
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Worldwide prayers from 8 to 10 daily
Please join in a daily prayer, visualization or meditation for a world filled with peace and joy from either 8am to 10am, or 8pm to 10pm daily in your timezone. It can be quick prayer taking less than a minute, or a long prayer, however long you wish.

Why only in your timezone?

Since it's always 8 to 10 somewhere in the world, this way if everyone joins during their timezone, we can more likely always have a prayer, meditation, or visualization for peace throughout the day. And since it's done daily, we can always have a prayer going on almost all day, and every day from somewhere in the world!

Why not precisely at x time on the minute?

This gives you more options and leeway, since you may be busy at x time. Hence why there's a two hour window, and it can be done either in the morning (8am to 10am) or night (8pm to 10pm).

Why not a specific guided meditation or a specific prayer?

An important aspect of prayer or visualization, is that it has to be genuine and from the heart. If it's a guided meditation or prayer, than you may not fully mean, or fully feel the words and thoughts. Also everyone's beliefs will be different, so this in another reason, to allow each person to contribute in his or her unique way. As a general rule, we can still be united by a prayer or visualize for people, the animals, and our planet.