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Message Subject Adrenochrome. The most disgusting, secret, elite LSD/Crack-like high in blood drinking that explains almost everything.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This cult is so utterly fín dumb that it comes to a point where you donít know if you want to laugh or pity them.

They apparently missed the memo where real power is only given to those who will not abuse it. To those who are not selfish. To those who do not want or care for it.
Real power will never be given to corrupt selfish minds nor even to those who can be manipulated through their dick or through emotions like compassion, etc. You can actually be the kindest soul on Earth and you still wonít get any divine power if someone can manipulate the good you have in you. Itís how the Universe survived this long. Any sort of imbalance and we would be long gone by now.
See, the power, confidence and high these morons get from the dark side or certain drugs is actually the fake one that comes from the left brain/ego. Itís all dopamine and other neurochemicals playing tricks on you mind, fooling you into believing that itís the real power.
You can only access the real power when you get rid of all the crap inside you: all the bad, all the evil, all the selfishness, all the guilt and so on. You really ainít accessing the divine endless unlimited power with that sort of crap inside you. It is that simple. You actually think the higher up would just give the power of God to someone who goes around playing God? Well, if you do, Iíve got some nice bridges to sell to you.

I mean, take the music and movie industry. How the artists (wannabe Gods) say they sold their soul to the devil and that type of crap. Iím like, dudes, unlimited creativity like you have never seen was always available to you from the start with no strings attached. If you were doing the right thing for non selfish reasons, if you were doing it for the good of the Universe you would have access to all of it. You would become the new Davinciís, Teslas, and so on. Yeah, that sort of power is actually available to anyone. Instead these morons fall for the lies of lower class clerks like the Molochís and other retarded deceivers. They sell their souls, f their lives up, fall into hard drug consumption, enter fíd up depressions and eventually commit suicide. Yep, thatís what trying to be God gets you. You want followers, you want fame, you want to be seen as some sort of God. You will just get what you deserve. God gives you the rope for you to hang yourself with. Itís all on you.

So yeah, I really pity these poor morons who go around chasing power, highs and so on outside themselves. The power you have inside you trumps anything and everything you can find on the outside. Heck, I recently went around naturally candyflipping for 48 hours straight with the just the power of the mind. These billionaires, spoiled Hollywood and music industry brats would probably give all their wealth away just to get a taste of what I went through. Man, and I just touched the tip of the iceberg of whatís possible. As one becomes more ďspiritualĒ ( I actually hate the term, itís just for people to understand) those powers will grow exponentially just like every master yogi and other enlightened gurus told us.

Btw, drugs, especially the psychedelic kind are tools for introspection, self growth and so on. They are not there to get you high or to make you forget whatever is on your consciousness. Donít run away from your problems, deal with them responsibly. 😉
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