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Message Subject Adrenochrome. The most disgusting, secret, elite LSD/Crack-like high in blood drinking that explains almost everything.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Now the scene in "Willy Wonka" finally makes sense, when they go through that scary tunnel.

To increase the adrenochrome in the children.

What did our parents ALWAYS warn us not to, or who ratheer, take candy from when we were kids? Strangers.

Willy Wonka never had a love interest, a woman (or man) that we know of and is surrounded by 'permanent little children like' creatures (how convenient) and in a bizarre setting that is beyond eccentric. We are told he 'saved them' from some far away land from 'evil creatures' who brought them harm and who he specifically told us 'would he them' (hmmm... is that like CPS taking children away from evil parents to put in foster care or kidnap outright and send to foreign countries?).

The funny (sick) thing is, he even abuses the kids right in front of the parents and they can't do anything about it. I mean, what if Veruca fell down that shaft and when the father asked where it went, he replied, "Oh, today? The sex dungeon. But don't worry, she won't be touched by human or Oompa hands, just sex machines." Violet would have to be "squeezed and pressed" to "get all that juice out"? Hmm, 13 or 14 years old and... are all body parts getting juiced?

Yeah, Willy Wonka was a mindfuck story of Mkulatra or child abuse, of a place you couldn't enter on your own but had to be invited into (a few lucky priveledged).

Charlie Bucket won because he was the most pure (and would be seduced and corrupted in due time, through the process) starting with Wonka doing what EVERY abuser does to their victim, abuses them violently (when he yells at him at the end) then turns around, hugs and praises and rewards him. Now, imagine this abuse on a daily basis and Wonka brainwashing Charlie over a period of years as "his mentor".

Think about this... Wonka sells sugar to kids and worse, chocolate. You think any of it was harvested by Free Trade or exploited by little dark skinned children? They couldn't have little African children being rescued and coming to work for Wonka for FREE. Seriously, the Oompas couldn't go out in public anyway so, what did they need money for? No clothes, cars, mortgage, just kept like slaves of old and "dark skin".

Yeah, Adrenochrome... I believe it... and it was in our faces back in 1972. I mean, he didn't have 'pizza' or anything nutritious for Lunch (don't you often take a break when out somewhere to get a drink or eat) but he gives them a shit ton of candy before that psychedelic boat right. Whose to say the candy wasn't laced even?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76029126

You've had a sociology class or 2 to think about that movie and be able to associate it with the this subject and the human condition.
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