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Message Subject Adrenochrome. The most disgusting, secret, elite LSD/Crack-like high in blood drinking that explains almost everything.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Instead of absolutely wanting to believe something, go and read the actual research into the adrenochrome myth ...

Scientifically, empirically and irrefutably disproven.

I'm not saying elites don't torture defenseless people and children to death, but it's nearly always in a disgustingly deviant sexual context. They want to feel the "ultimate rush" of doing very nasty things and everything going unpunished because they're above everyone else and can get away with it. They're sadistic, sociopathic pieces of shite and channel their frustrations that way.

It's also a way of having other elite figures in a compromising choke-hold, a bond of deviance that ensures they'll dance to their tunes if needed ... or else ...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5367541

This sounds more like what’s going on. When you can have anything, who knows where the evil/godless/immoral people venture.
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