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Message Subject Adrenochrome. The most disgusting, secret, elite LSD/Crack-like high in blood drinking that explains almost everything.
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Hillary and Huma snuff film real.
I knew this yesterday but was reluctant to post it. However, with all the attacks on this site already underway, today I figured "why not".
It started out with Hillary and Huma laying on opposite sides of a ping pong table. Hillary was wearing silver spandex pants. The girl was brought in, she was tortured, and then they "unmasked" the girl by cutting her facial skin off. The eyes stayed in place, without eyelids (which went with the facial skin). They then wore the girl's face over their own faces and had her watch them do it, to cause her to totally freak out. They then killed her and drank her blood. Cool stuff. That's what the elite are like. And I'd like to make a comment:

The third secret of Fatima never got out. The real secret is supposed to have "things so horrific they defy description". The Catholic Church did not consecrate the hearts and souls of Russia as ordered to prevent the third secret from happening, and the warning was that if they did not, satan would use Russia to destroy the world. They were supposed to do this simple act at the time the miracle happened, but did not. Then there was the Ukraine massacre, and all the soviet programs including feminism, the gay agenda, the destruction of the American family - they did infiltrate our government, they did destroy America, and Hillary is one of them. "Consecrating the hearts and souls of Russia" 80 years later after Russia already did the job does not cut it. Obviously the church would subsequently devolve into a den of queers and child molesters, that is a symptom of not obeying the message in the third secret, not the third secret itself.

So why would I mention Fatima? Because I know what the actual third secret was supposed to resemble, though I do not have the actual secret. It depicted horrific things, like abortion, mutant hybrids, and this Hillary snuff video. The reality the people we have over us in the power structure is fulfilling the real third secret, only brought about by the inexplicable inexcusable act of never doing the one simple thing the third secret ordered the Catholic church to do - a simple ceremony that could have been prepped and done by a few high ranking people in a week.

The video was supposedly posted by Q-anon. So this must be considered, if it really was Q it would give Q credibility, but anyone could have done it and claimed Q did to cover their own trails.

It is hard to believe people would be evil enough to do anything like this, but one thing I have noticed is that when evil fears nothing as is it's status today, it stops at nothing. Mentally healthy people simply can't think the same way the psychopaths at the top of the power structure do. The last thing holding them in fear of Americans is American gun ownership. If they actually ever do get the guns (sufficiently) or find a way to kill us (perhaps with AI drones because the public let it happen) they absolutely will do it, what the Bolsheviks did in Ukraine and elsewhere is actual history. And yes, if people like Hillary are in our power structure unabated (and they are) they absolutely will directly kill off white America just to get rid of the "nuisance".

Over 100 million "inconvenient" Americans are only one drone assembly line away from having AI drones recognize their faces, and being killed by them in the Wal Mart parking lot, or as they "cruise I-80". Bolshevik types are patient, and will wait for all 10,000,000 five pound drones to be built, to be launched at once in a huge ambush no one could stop. a lowly $10 billion would fund the entire program. No one would even be able to call anyone to warn anyone, because they'd be killed the first time they saw such a drone, if they even ever saw the drone. The job would be done in a couple days. And that is precisely what makes the pedovore video so spooky, If they did that, you know they'd have no compunctions about sending the drones.
 Quoting: www.jimstone.is 75947513

The Hillary and Huma murdering a child video is very real and has been released.


She was within my circle of friends (and still is, though I have not spoken to her for a very long time) She does not want her name stated in relation to this. She was Mormon. I tried to date her, but she never dated anyone and was always "distant", but you could tell she had a beautiful soul, and she was pretty.

No one knew her secret. She was quiet and respected by people, but always kept a distance. One year, a very good friend of mine (who was closer to her) hired her as an employee. And she opened up to him and told him what went on when she was a child.

As it turned out, her Mormon parents were satanists. Very few Mormons are that way, this is the only case I have ever heard of, so the problem is not exclusively Jewish (though it is very prevalent in that community.)

As a child, she was required by her parents to assist in child murder rituals, that are exactly as described on the internet. She did not want to be a part of it, but parents exert enormous pressure. These rituals were done for power and fortune and they are openly satanic. The people who engage in this lifestyle have a cover religion (in this case Mormon) but behind the curtain they are satanists. And evidently, there are a lot more of these people than the overall public knows about.

I could not figure out why such a beautiful woman was alone. She clearly did not dislike me, she just did not let me close. She did not let anyone close except for one girl, who would step in and speak for her, this girl was always with her. This girl knew the secret, and was not a satanist.

So years later, (and I am talking a LOT of years later) she went to work for a very good friend, opened up, and explained it all. She was badly scarred and felt absolutely horrible about herself for what went on. She did not follow in her parent's footstepts, she withdrew from them. She never dated anyone when she was younger (before age 35 that I know of, and probably more than that) because she felt so bad about herself with what happened.

This is a directly confirmed case that the entire child sacrifice situation is indeed real, virtually ALL people who rise in power do these things, if you make a deal with the devil and prove your conviction by committing acts that will without question land you in hell, Satan will generously reward you in this life, every door will be opened.
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