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Message Subject Adrenochrome. The most disgusting, secret, elite LSD/Crack-like high in blood drinking that explains almost everything.
Poster Handle JustAGardener
Post Content
There are hoax reports out there claiming to be of the video and they portray it as an expensive ball room type scenario where everyone looks ultra sophisticated with the classic old ball room masks. HERE IS WHAT IT REALLY LOOKS LIKE.

It is in a shitty dungeon with a ping pong table. Hillary and Huma are dressed like crap. They did not dress up for this. Hillary is wearing silver spandex leggings and an ordinary shirt, Huma is wearing black leggings and an ordinary top, and the video is clear enough to see what is going on but the camera is struggling for light enough so that it can't get the white balance correct and has noise reduction artefacting smearing fine detail. The video is clear enough to definitely know what is happening, it is a lot better than a "blurry UFO video", but it is not pretty.

The stupid fake "screen captures" of the video showing victorian style face masks at a nicely lit ball are all hoaxes, the real video is freakishly gruesome dark dungeon "you would never want to be there" type video. Keep in mind with this that there are going to be a pile of hoaxes surrounding this, staged by people who want a coverup. Some are so ridiculous they will make people think "gee, it was all a hoax", but no, if you did not see Hillary in silver spandex on a ping pong table, you did not see the actual video, and now that I have made this clear, I am waiting for a hoax based on that!.

The demons never give up. The lawsuit is again, for conspiring with Russia and Wikileaks to hack the DNC, and is worded with classic mind control intent, with "establishing facts" like this:
"The Trump advisers and associates have denied assisting Russia in its hacking campaign."

What is wrong with that statement? Because it establishes, as fact, that Russia had a hacking campaign when there has never been evidence there was one in this context at all. That is how mind control works - by wording things this way, people automatically accept there indeed was a "Russian hacking campaign," and now all we have to do is get to the bottom of it. That's a very useful tactic for weaving deceptive scenarios.

BUT THERE WAS A "Russian hacking campaign" for real, HILLARY'S MAIL BOX, where she transferred countless American secrets to Russia, and has not yet had to answer for JACK. AND IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY, IT IS CALLED PEDOVORE AND FRAZZLEDRIP.

 Quoting: GOTO WWW.JIMSTONE.IS 76454993

Thanks Jim that does not address the fact that adrenechrome on its own is not that potent of a buzz. So, this is fucking gross, but I watched my tom cat toy with a rat for a few hours, what about the combination. Could adreneline and adrenechrome be some what similar to a 'speed ball'. If the person doing the blood drinking has a adreneline running through their veins because they have broken a taboo and all?
If we want to look at layers of fear. There is fear. But the first response is fight or flight for most living entities like the way the rat responded to my cat. Fear puts you in a position where you still have the capability to respond. Crank it up a notch and you get terror. You might not even be able to run, though your fight or flight response has been triggered.
If the adrenenline (sorry for spelling it is stream of consciousness at this point), is rushing in the tormentor, by drinking the adrenechrome laden blood of the victim, can that combine to give you a high like the combo of cocaine and heroin....a speed ball in other words.
These are technical/chemical reactions that are outside my purview. It is a simple question and someone knows the answer.
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