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Message Subject Adrenochrome. The most disgusting, secret, elite LSD/Crack-like high in blood drinking that explains almost everything.
Poster Handle The Pastor
Post Content
From AFoAF so take it as it is

"pink adrenaline" (just a name. probably does contain some adrenaline, oxidised or not) was obtained via dubious means through the deepweb. 100ml glass vial with 2 X in raised type along the top edge. Thick, light pink liquid. About the consistency of table syrup. Has a dropper style stopper. FoAF was told to take 50ml at climax of a "joggers high" to experience mild "elite effects".

Never used, FoAF claims to have it in his possession.

I will get pictures if at all possible. Trying to get a meeting together, ATM.

Pieces coming together.
 Quoting: Captainawesome1701

What pieces? And does "elite effects" mean a slight rush? Cause that's all the drug does based on actual trip reports of people who have actually taken it. And no they didn't drink blood. I take it very few of you actually looked into the effects of this drug. Or they fact it can be easily bought online or made at home through a similar process. If elites are drinking blood it's not because of Andrenochrome...
 Quoting: Psychonaut SN7

You are missing the point. And to date no one with 'supposed knowledge' has been able to answer my most basic of queries. You have an adrenaline rush in the person from breaking the taboo of fucking young children with intent to drink their blood and then eat them.
In the victims blood there is adrenechrome rushing through their system in an act of terror. As the psycho peels off the flesh of the victim and consumes their blood do the two molecules combine.
Don't give us some fucking Erowid shit, I've been around the block and know half the writers of the last 40 years in psychedelia. If you can not grasp the facts of the matter shut up. Comparing (for example) N,N-DMT to an extract of the same from the Spring Acacia extract as compared to the Autumnal extract. All 3 are different.
So basing your argument upon 'yes we have adrenechrome and it didn't do anything' arguments is moot if you can not find the nuance between lab manufactured (for Mr McKenna himself) DMT and the Autumnal or Spring extracts from various Australian Acacias.
There is something deeper then basic chemistry (which to date no one has answered me with) in this phenomena.
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