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Message Subject Adrenochrome. The most disgusting, secret, elite LSD/Crack-like high in blood drinking that explains almost everything.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Now I finally understand why all the kids go missing. They're a drug for the elite!


Why didn't I ever hear about this on GLP before?
 Quoting: USCG Popeye

When I created a post saying Aliens where intergalactic drug dealers harvesting the stuff from people, everyone mocked me.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76491648

please link to your thread - if lost, tell us more!

the lunatic fringe is here and is your audience.

my opinion are that 'aliens' are extra-dimensional demonic entities per the 1996 Area 51 caller to Art Bell.

but this international drug dealing activity are in fact run by people with official cover like governments, CIA, etc... much of their funding comes from it, ask Bill Clinton when he ran Arkansas. some theories exist that drug busts are really just 'them' taking out their competition.

so satanists are bored of regular illicit hard drugs that they would have to do ritual sacrifices??? extremely plausible.

please also tell us how you came to the conclusion of the intergalactic drug dealer working theory.

 Quoting: *please tell us more* 71273013

Inter-dimensional works. Like if you go in a dark room retreat and your molecules all shift and you create pinoline rather then serotonin or melatonin and your tryptamine (NN,DMT and 5-MEO-DMT) levels start to shift, you can perhaps see 'another side'.
You see this is where you get into the 'DWave' quantum computing aspect of it all. Look up John Dee (Dwave), he had an assistant (Edward Kelly) scry into an obsidian mirror and talk to an entity on 'another realm' who dictated to him an entirely novel language. Enochian. Which they thought was 'the language of the angels'. Bullshit.
So perhaps there is something akin to that going on in this adrenechrome-adrenaline 'complexion' (I do not know what to call it), where these people are bridging dimensions like you can on DMT itself. I have done DMT several hundred times and have seen the strangest things. I always tried to grab one before I came back but the objects eluded me.
But those were short escapades to the 'other side'. What if this 'spirit cooking' ritual is more akin to an ayahuasca trip with a dark bent to it? Instead of 15 minutes like DMT it is a 4-10 hour trip? Maybe the dark forces who partake of this dark magick 'bring something back'?
It does not have to be a physical object. A thought form is just as potent as a stick if the thought form gives you rapid instructions on how to form an object that can defeat that stick.
A fellow who lives up the road from me is the youngest ayahuascero in the world (according to peruvian lore). He has stated that 95% of the time that the ayahuascero's do ayahuasca it is to protect people from unseen forces.
So running with that, if we can extrapolate that 'some fucking nasty shit is going down with people doing blood magic', I won't grant that with a k at the end...we can perhaps allow a certain nuance of 'woo' factor into this.
There MAY BE an 'OVER THERE' that is just slightly out of our audio-visual range but around us all the time.
How would we know in all reality? Can You hear a dog whistle? I can't my cats can and all my old dogs could. Can you see in the far infrared band? I can't but I have seen some freaky shit on FIR cameras.
So maybe these people are getting a (like the title of the post alludes to) 'psychedelic high' that has trapped them into dependency upon a frequency they can only see when high on human blood mixed with their adrenaline. And perhaps those entities they can meet there are not fucking friendly at all.
 Quoting: JustAGardener

All these posts are a kind of tip of the forehead tie-in to many loose strings.
It takes you from ancient Biblical times and fore-warnings about the blood. And what is in the blood and why it should not be imbibed in any form.
All the way down through the ages of those who were evil and wanted to drink the blood sacrifices.

I was watching a show the other day showing the ancient ruins of the Incas and Mayans or whichever were into the killing their victims after climbing up the long stairs then having the heart and perhaps the adrenal glands taken from them. Can you imagine the terror these people had built up watching all those in front of them go through this and know this was their fate?
The horrors.

But, it also brought to mind the ruin of a sudden suppsedly of these vast civilizations. Where many natural psychedilics were available also.
I couldn't help but wonder if the search for highs and so many people from all walks of life became addicted that led to their downfall.
Like people imagining that someone was still out there raising the food and flocks, but soon no one was or not enough to sustain life.

I see parallels to all of this going on today.
Same as it ever was. Same evil in high places.
Same addictions overtaking a great civilazation.
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