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Message Subject Make Canada Great Again: Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett emasculates Neocon reporter on the question of Syria
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This war on Syria is about three things:

1- Syria has independent banks, and no international foreign Rothschilds debt.

2- Quattar wants a pipeline through Syria to Europe in order to cut Europe's reliance on Russian Oil and natural gas.

3- Israel wants the oil under the Golan Heights.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76492584

Don't forget the secret meeting between John Kerry (aka Horseman) and Prince Bandar-Bush that went down on September 11, 2014. Prior to that meeting the Natural Gas industry was booming here in America. Oil trains were running like crazy, especially on the East Coast. We were well on our way to being independent of Middle East Oil. And then out of nowhere comes the secret Kerry-Saudi meeting. After the secret deal, the oil trains stopped running like they were literally within two weeks and the price dropped so much that these budding Oil Refineries were forced to severely limit operations. It all came to an end artificially and it had political motivations, nothing to do with market forces. It had everything to do with Syria and hurting Russia. Obama killed Big Coal in his first term, then he killed Big Oil in his second term, helping to galvanize blue collar support for Trump and hand him the Blue Wall states. But, sadly, Trump canít say "no" to the Saudis (or to the Neocons). The Saudis are the real butchers in the Middle East. The things they do make Assad look like a Saint. Almost everyone of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia (and yet we bombed Iraq back to the Stone Age). Itís sickening that Trump has joined hands with and given millions in advanced American military hardware to the real Tryants in the Gulf: the Saudis.
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