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Message Subject The Godfather of Team Trump Pat Buchanan emasculates the Israeli-First, Neocon shill Hannity over Netanyahu's clown act on Iran
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No one is going to read this shit. Wall of text in title even.fuckit.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76534621

You read it, you Soros-shill.
 Quoting: Vladimir Pepe

So glad you posted it so others could read it, OP. I heard it on Hannity's radio show and was disgusted. Hannity has not evolved. For a while, it appeared he sort of was doing so but nope. Still the same old neocon Israel first knee jerk chickenhawk. Still the same Hannity that smeared Ron Paul. No regard for the US constitution and George Washington's admonition on "no entangling alliances".

Pat Buchanan is a real conservative. I recommend everyone google his articles and read the sites that publish him. One is AntiWar.com, where Justin Raimondo writes and he is, imo, the best conservative writer out there.
 Quoting: thinking...

"They" like to use Gaelics as frontmen and shills because their surnames provide political crypsis. No one thinks of "them" when they hear the names Kelly, Collins or O'Meara (or Clinton or Power or McCain or Graham or McMaster or Haley or O'Reilly). So it is with Hannity.
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