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Message Subject If You Could Meet One GLPer IRL, Who Would It Be? And Why?
Poster Handle Eggcellently Deplorable
Post Content

Not all of us are creepy; some of us are actually who we share ourselves as online. I would actually like to meet you 5%.

Though I freely admit the last CT forum poster I met in real life wound up with two felony arrest charges for assaulting myself and the three initially unseen police officers tasked with my security.

I am friendly, honest, and giving to a fault; but my kindness should never be mistaken for weakness.
 Quoting: Louis in Richmond

Yeah id like to meet you too , LOL Trust me id have you people laughing you ass's off.
 Quoting: 5.0%

Of that I am certain my friend! cheers
 Quoting: Louis in Richmond

haha! sucks how everyone is so far apart every one of us is in our own little area .
 Quoting: 5.0%

Well, yeah, but on the other hand we are scattered about and may actually have more access to news happenings because of it - - wherever there is news happening there is bound to be at least ONE GLPer.
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