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Healthy Food for Happy Life

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United Kingdom
05/08/2007 05:06 AM
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Healthy Food for Happy Life
Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture goes beyond the most rigorous existing standards for pure, organic food. By using the ancient Vedic Agricultural technologies recently revived by Maharishi, farmers rise to higher consciousness and live life in harmony with all the Laws of Nature.

The sounds of the Veda and Vedic Literature are used to enliven the inner intelligence of the plants to produce food bursting with the vitality of Nature's intelligence, and at the same time create a healthy environment for the farmer to cultivate an abundance of pure, nourishing food.

'We will establish a Vedic Agriculture University in order to introduce the knowledge of Natural Law that has been scientifically researched in many universities and research institutions in different parts of the world, and we will also introduce the knowledge of the nutritious and life-giving value of naturally grown foods.

'The whole process of the plant sprouting from the seed and growing into leaves, flowers, and fruits, has been found to gain nourishment from soothing music and melodies; from enhanced seasonal influences of Sun, Moon, planets, and stars, and from increased qualities of harmony and pleasantness in the environment. This is now quite well established through worldwide scientific research. To produce this effect we will have the Vedic Experts from India whose traditional melodies and Vedic Recitations are most effective.'


[link to maharishi-programmes.globalgoodnews.com]
Love x