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N Korean general opens talks with Bush joke

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United Kingdom
05/08/2007 06:52 AM
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N Korean general opens talks with Bush joke
IN North Korea, where cracking a joke about the country's leader could see you, well, die laughing, poking fun at the US president is obviously not as serious.

As military chiefs from both sides of the Korean peninsula met on today for talks, a general from the North started proceedings by telling a joke at US President George W. Bush's expense.

"I recently read a piece of political humour on the internet called 'saving the president'," Lieutenant-General Kim Yong-chol was quoted as saying.

He then retold the old yarn about Mr Bush who goes out jogging one morning and, preoccupied with international affairs, fails to notice that a car is heading straight at him.

A group of schoolchildren pull the President away just in time, saving his life, and a grateful Mr Bush offers them anything they want in the world as a reward.

"We want a place reserved for us at Arlington Memorial Cemetery," say the children.

[link to www.news.com.au]
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