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Message Subject Did The NSA Create Bitcoin? CLASSIFIED Bitches!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why would a government entity create something that allows people to side step central banking? Thatís the exact opposite of what they want.

Why would they create a currency that allows 2 people anywhere in the world to conduct financial transactions with no middleman and zero control from anyone?

Also why would governments (including the federal reserve) be scrambling to create their own crypto currency?

I think a benevolent alien created crypto to help mankind.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75509684

You honestly don't know how drug dealers do their job, huh?

The first sample is ALWAYS free (that's why Silk Road was created).

The second, was the run up to $18k as another psychological hook.

They got everyone talking, looking into and converting to bitcoin and Crypto now.

Where debit, credit cards and online banking and Internet purchasing wasn't enough to kill off cash, Crypto will be the final blow before a collapse.

Think about this for a moment... What actually backs the U.S. dollar? And so what actually backs Cryptocurrency?

Difference is, cash can be hidden, undetectable and washed as necessary. Block chains can't and won't and when they are government or country owned, or worse, run on THEIR INTERNET, THEIR 5G and through THEIR CPUS, as well as every smart device???

Do the math. 10-15 years ago, people were worried about RFI strips in everything? This far surpasses that.

Crypto, secure and untraceable? You people who believe that really are gullible sheep.

They aren't going to provide ANYTHING that will ultimately give you the keys to your own Freedom, including President Trump, lol.

As for Trump, as much as I want to like or love him, he's been groomed for this job for a very long time. Since the 80's when first asked on Oprah if he would become President, to being an icon and actor in the Hollywood scene, along with what famous phrase of his? Oh yeah, "You're Fired!". How many people has he fired since he got into office? Exactly, this is all more bread and circuses.

Australia is limiting cash transactions to $10k and if they allow the USD to tank, they have to have something the American people (and it's wealth) can convert over to. You think they are going to allow them to invest and use Yuan or some other foreign currency? You think there's a printing press with some other devalued paper or will the USD still be used at a devalued amount?

No, Crypto is the ULTIMATE Mark of the Beast as in, without it, no man shall do business.
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