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"And That Plain Little Mack, Did a Plain Little Thing. He Burped! And His Burp Shook The Throne Of The King"

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05/28/2018 03:26 PM
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"And That Plain Little Mack, Did a Plain Little Thing. He Burped! And His Burp Shook The Throne Of The King"

"But, while he was shouting, he saw with surprise
That the moon of the evening was starting to rise
Up over his head in the darkening skies.
"What's THAT?" snorted Yertle. "Say, what IS that thing
That dares to be higher than Yertle the King?
I shall not allow it! I'll go higher still!
I'll build my throne higher! I can and I will!
I'll call some more turtles. I'll stack 'em to heaven!
I need 'bout five thousand, six hundred and seven!"

But, as Yertle, the Turtle King, lifted his hand
And started to order and give the command,
That plain little turtle below in the stack,
That plain little turtle whose name was just Mack,
Decided he'd taken enough. And he had.
And that plain little lad got a bit mad.
And that plain little Mack did a plain little thing.
He burped!
And his burp shook the throne of the king

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Hillary and her cronies thought they could conquer the Universe.


Collin Powell quote: "Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris."
[link to www.npr.org (secure)]

Did you know the Universe burps??
[link to www.dailymotion.com]

I think we need good coming together with a collective..........

True peace, happiness, contentment and self-worth come from within, and cannot be given, or taken away, by any person or thing.

The Golden Rule Solves Everything.

Please ask yourself "Have I sufficiently listened to both sides, before forming my opinion on matters of debate?" If not, you might want to re-think your position.

Favorite green karma quote: "Never stop being weird."

Favorite (anonymous) red karma quote: "Seventeen gophers can fit up your asshole." I found that to be quite impressive! Yay me!!