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Am I missing something?

J,Man(the comma is silent)
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United States
05/31/2018 03:02 AM
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Am I missing something?
I don't want to come across as inflammatory or sarcastic, but surely I am not the only person who feels the way I do. I am a white male who was raised in the south. I do not know, nor have I ever met an actual member of the KKK. I have never met anyone who has went out of their way at all to hinder any person due to their race or religion. In fact, the majority of racism that I have personally witnessed was 'black on white' racism. Not only do I see it in the media, but I have seen and been subjected to it on a personal level in my everyday life. I hear the so-called 'N-word' several times a day, every day, but only from the mouths of black people. I do not understand how it is acceptable for 'people of color' to use that word, and yet they find in unacceptable for anyone else to use it. That is divisive. It is confusing. One has to assume that the origins of the 'N-word' are attributed to white people, and yet black people claim it as 'their' word. It is exclusionary and if whites actually are the group responsible for the evolution of the word, then to say that it belongs to the blacks it nothing short of theft. I always assumed it evolved from the mispronunciation of the word negro by people in the south to whom education may not have been as accessible as it was in more industrialized areas of the country. How is it any different than a black person referring to a caucasian male as 'white boy'? The whole Kendrick Lamar incident is the most ridiculous heap of hypocrisy I have ever heard of. The Roseanne Barr situation is no different. Is it not acceptable for her to express her disapproval of someones behavior with a colorful euphemism? Just because she mentioned apes does not mean that she was being racist. Apes and monkeys have long been used as a reference to someone being silly or ignorant, not necessarily of the negro race. Even if she was making a comparison between blacks and monkeys, isn't she entitled to her own opinion? I hear someone on television every single day making some reference to white people being the problem with the world. The hatred of whites is blatant in today's media based society. To my understanding blacks made up about 12% of the population in the United States in 1860 which is the peak of slavery. If that is true, then there were only enough slaves here for 13% of the white population to own slaves if they only owned one slave each. Since we know that most slave owners had multiple slaves, then the numbers tell us that far less than 13% of the population were slave owners. I am certain that no slaves are living today. I am certain that I have never met anyone who owned a slave or was a slave. Why am I as a white heterosexual male being targeted for existing? I do not get it. It should be okay for me to be white. It should be okay for me to not be attracted to blacks or black 'culture'. It should be okay for me to point out negative trends and attributes within black 'culture' without being labeled as some horrific, racist monster. I can hardly watch television or expose myself to any media source without arriving at a feeling of being attacked. If I can't openly and exclusively support my own race, then no other race should be allowed to do so. What the actual hell is going on?
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United Kingdom
05/31/2018 03:16 AM
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Re: Am I missing something?
You are missing line spacing and paragraphs
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