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Russian pilot found after three decades missing in Afghanistan

the Seer
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United Kingdom
06/01/2018 07:00 PM
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Russian pilot found after three decades missing in Afghanistan
[link to www.theguardian.com (secure)]

A Russian pilot who was missing presumed dead after his plane was shot down three decades ago during the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan has been found alive and wants to come home, according to a military veterans group.

“He is still alive. It’s very astonishing. Now he needs help,” the head of the Russian paratroopers’ union, Valery Vostrotin, told RIA Novosti state news agency on Friday.

Vostrotin, who heads the Russian side of a Russian-US joint commission on prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action, declined to name the pilot for reasons of confidentiality.

The man was shot down in 1987 and was likely now to be over 60, the deputy head of veteran’s organisation Battle Brotherhood, Vyacheslav Kalinin, told the news agency.

He suggested the pilot could be in Pakistan, where Afghanistan had camps for prisoners of war, and said he wanted to return home