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Message Subject VIDEO: Younger Kid Who Has Been Keying Cars Attacks Older Gentleman - Happy Ending
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
what a little fucking cry-bully

he'll make a fine antifa soldier. push shove spit antagonize curse. and when met with the least little amount of resistance or push-back, fall down in a heaping, toddler-like temper tantrum and accuse the one he's been bullying of being a big bad meanie, and call for the cops that he's only moments before-hand was cursing and spitting at.

parents must be limp-wristed liberals, letting their child do and say anything he wants without any repercussions. not teaching the child right and wrong, or proper public behavior.

because to a liberal there are no hard-fast right or wrongs, there are no standards for civilized behavior.
all we are, are up-right animals
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