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Message Subject Why Interracial Relationships Are Pushed On White Women
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
lol butthurt whites blame J.e.ws

sorry the elites are WHITE GENTILES vatican EU black nobility jesuits.
some J.e.ws work for them nothing more.

the more you blame J.e.ws the more you deserve whats coming
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76668090

STFU retard anti Catholic shill!

Stop mutilating babies!

90% chances your genetics are MED or EURO MED mixed with West Eurasian or Middle-eastern.

That is to say people who never mutilated their babies en masse. For they only mixed among christians in the past.

Stop doing it.

It's a conspiracy from neanderthals, central asians and arabs united against your people.

Wake up.

Judaism is bullshit.

Even inside the pseudo super evil racist judaism, albinoids are privileged and working hard for the albinoid agenda.

 Quoting: InCaseUrREAL 76659710

cant deal with the fact interraccialism is pushed by white gentile elites I see
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