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Message Subject DONT MISS OUT--Even if Crypto's crash, THIS WILL INCREASE IN VALUE because it's the first NEXT GENERATION EXCHANGE. 7 top exchanges all in 1
Poster Handle Layers of Reality
Post Content
With regulation on cryptos intensifying, the crypto world is being forced to adapt. In fact, it HAS adapted and evolved a SECOND (NEXT)GENERATION CRYPTO era. The birth of a new wave in cryptocurrency starts with the CryptalDash exchange and the Apollo Currency. Both combine the best of the best into single platforms. Cryptaldash is the next-gen exchange and Apollo is the next-gen currency

BLOOMBERG has invested their resources into the CryptalDash project!!. That alone should tell you it's backed by a big player that wants it to stay)

(article about cryptaldash) [link to www.investfeed.com (secure)]

You'll be able to buy, trade and sell across multiple platforms at once from a single exchange/website.


Binance - BNB coin at $14.96 and has peaked over $24
Kraken -
Bittrex -
Gdax --
Bitfinex -
Poloniex -
Gemeni -

THERE'S 3 DAYS LEFT TO BUY CRYPTALDASH TOKENS AT 3 CENTS PER SHARE. It's very very very likely this will increase to well over a dollar within a year. Invest $20 and see if it works out. You either lose 20 bucks or you make a few hundred

I don't expect much love from me sharing this post, but I do hope this post can result in someone bringing in some profits for their family to make their life a little easier.

sign up quick and free here [link to www.cryptaldash.com (secure)]

 Quoting: Layers of Reality

Think of this EMP ! no cash ! you are screwd! it was fun to see rich people at refuges during maria asking for food hand outs! no cash! no gas! no food ! crypto is for fucking idiots!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76685594

Yes, it's true an EMP could happen, but fear of the future should not guide our current decisions. This results in self-limitation!

We're a strong, smart species. We must plan for all potential scenarios, including the scenario of a successful crypo market.

The crypto market is literally another version of the stock market, with currency as the commodity rather than 'stocks.' The stock market was a major financial game changer for the entire planet, started as just an idea, and now has been around over a hundred years now. If history has anything to suggest when it comes to cryptocurrencies, its' that there's a high probability of cryptos being around for at least a hundred years! The cryptocurrency market is, by nature, is a major financial game changer for the entire planet! hf
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