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Message Subject DONT MISS OUT--Even if Crypto's crash, THIS WILL INCREASE IN VALUE because it's the first NEXT GENERATION EXCHANGE. 7 top exchanges all in 1
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ultimately for a $100 gamble...who TF cares? Go for it.

But for me $100 is a lot of money. I ain't rich YET!

I can put $100 into something like DGB or XLM and load my boat with a bone fide product and reasonably expect a good return.

We'll see how this exchange evolves. But I think ultimately you've got the right idea pursuing this niche market.

Exchange coins are a nice hedge against ups and downs of the broader market.
 Quoting: DRGONZO

EXACTLY! I think anyone with $20 to invest is GOING to be pleasantly surprised when this first of its kind exchange goes public this month.

Today is the last day to invest into their project before it goes live, and combining 7 huge exchanges into 1...it's about a guarantee for success.

Exchanges STILL profit insane amounts of money even when the market is flowing red, because exchanges are here to stay.

[link to www.cryptaldash.com (secure)]
 Quoting: Layers of Reality


Then I will only return after 6+ months to speak on profit margins and to assess if my reputation-hurting passionate advertising of this game changing exchange was in vein or if I was right all along on what would happen

I can't make anybody invest in their futures, but I can advertise on why it's a good idea. [link to www.cryptaldash.com (secure)]
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