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Message Subject Children in 'FEMA camps' is a political disaster for Trump and republicans
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You can argue all you want that it's all the Democrats fault and Trump is 'just following the law' but if this isn't fixed real soon, this will give control of congress to the Democrats. Deep down even you Trump supporters know large scale separating of families is wrong.
 Quoting: NDFarm

FUCK OFF ASSHAT!!! Either come into the country legally or suffer the consequences. Now when they enter illegally they are being charged with a federal crime (as the law demands) and will not be allowed to ever enter legally.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75196460

And, some California court decision established that kids could not be put in jails. That put an end to special jails for housing families. That was 2014. The choices are to put children in special facilities or release them with their parents, only to have them disappear forever as illegal migrants. Trump is doing the only reasonable thing. Funny there was so little interest in this when all those kids were streaming across the border on their own.
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