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Message Subject Hate Dies, Love Arrives July 15th (Livestream)
Poster Handle Accidental Stoner
Post Content

Let's see.

We are around 5 000 000 souls in this country.
Zero history of colonialism (except 800 years of being ruled
over by foreign powers chuckle ).

Right now, we are - out of the sheer goodness of our hearts -
accommodating some 300 000 strangers, whom we owe absolutely
nothing, neither morally nor economically.

Feel free to look at the numbers in Swedistan, Norway, Denmark.

Anybody needs the message of love vs hate, it is thoroughly
intolerant, openly fascistoid islam - most certainly not its
host nations, who are f**king bending over backwards to help.

Everything in the "left"'s world view is friggin' upside down
and ass backwards. But then again, the "left" was not designed
for the thinkers, huh...
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