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Psychic Abilities Everyone Can Unlock, explanations and facts including Bible-based evidence

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07/22/2018 04:46 AM
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Psychic Abilities Everyone Can Unlock, explanations and facts including Bible-based evidence

Universe Inside You.

Informative Comments follow:

The pineal gland has a lot to do with developing all these abilities, first your pineal gland must be decalcified to work properly.

Do you know How to decalcify it??

I believe that people think drinking the fluoride-laced water in the US calcifies it.

It surprises me you did not include the example of Jesus Christ walking on water. Wouldn’t this also be an example of levitation?

Of course It is possible, we are creators! We are in this kindergarten called Terra because our powers were lost and suppressed but we do have it in our DNA. Literally we have 64 amino acids codes in our human DNA, and only 20 are active. But we know from Gregg Braden that as our emotions get higher more codes are switched on and off in our DNA. All we need to do now is to reach our vibration as high as we can. Who knows how a human will transform with all 64 amino acids activated.

Have you heard of 'fire-walkers'? ordinary people who can overcome 'laws' of physics just by holding a different belief in their reality. What about karate experts who can chop through impossibly thick stacks of wood or concrete slabs? They use a visualization technique to achieve this without physical damage to their hand. Most psychic abilities are achieved when 'normal' belief in reality is suspended or we minimize our conscious minds, contributions using meditation techniques or hallucinogenic substances. This suggests that these abilities to create or alter our physical reality are inherent by us all but it is our 'everyday' consciousness that 'fixes' reality in place with its belief in it and limits alternatives offered by other areas of our consciousness, such as 'intuition'.
Btw, we already have 'six senses' just in our 'ordinary' 'normal' state, with 'balance' being one of the six 'normal' senses that everyone should have, making intuition into really a 'seventh sense'.

I've always been able to give myself goosebumps on queue. It was always my cool "party trick" until i found out what i was actually doing, which was moving Chi energy around my body and focusing it. I took a telekinesis course online for free, learned how to build that energy in the lower abdomen and combine it with energy from the upper abdomen. It's very real but the gifts of energetically cleansing the body and strengthening the mind are just as rewarding as seeing the product of your labor. Check out mindpossible.com. That's where i got started.

There are NO satellites!! The space station is a JOKE!! All communications are based on towers. GPS really stands for Ground Based System. Created by the US military in the 30's. WAKE UP PEOPLE!! The Earth is flat with a dome over us all called the firmament. Read your bible. Do your research and dig DEEP and BEWARE of all of the Gov SHILLS/TROLLS out there working to discredit the truth!!

NO PLANETS! The Earth is FLAT. We have been LIED to for many, many moons!!
Why do you THINK we live on a perfectly round blue marble, spinning at over 1000 mph at the so-called equator, even while shooting over 160 billion miles an hour through nothingness and all of the stars and other so-called planets followed along in perfect order NEVER moving out of their order The Earth is a flat round disk with a firmament over us and no one is getting out of this dome until death do us part! So, WHY haven't you realized the Earth is NOT a spinning ball shooting through the never, never land of nothingness??

Using the term "supernatural" suggests that more advanced mental development is not "natural." This defies the idea that our current understanding of mental prowess is merely deficient of our "natural" potential.

What about hypercompetence? The ability to learn any skill, talent or subject very quickly (within a few days, weeks or even hours) and with great ease. I've tried to research it further but I can't find much reading material on hypercompetence online at all. I found out about it through a hypercompetence subliminal on the YouTube channel Miss Subliminals.

Not everyone has the same brain, so not everyone can "unlock" any "psychic" abilities. Ever hear of people who get in an accident and have a brain injury and then end up "unlocking" greater musical or other artistic abilities?

I'm from the Philippines and yes that girl is real.

They say we only use 10% of our brain. This is the 90% of our brain we don't use.

Come to India, the land of thousands Christ..... Astamaa Siddhis are still prevalent. Say no to these extra illusions. Try to be the one, the almighty.

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