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Message Subject Absolute Proof Chemtrails do exist! -Lighthearted- -Music-
Poster Handle Chemtrail Ops
Post Content
Contrails are not Chemtrails.

I have been documenting Chemtrails over Chicagoland since 2009. After years of 'Research & Development' & Chemtrail Ops to refine their delivery technique, Chemtrails here in Chicagoland concluded with a 'Chemtrail Night Op' in 2012. There have been no Chemtrail R&D Ops over Chicagoland since 2012.

Spreading Chicom19 virus with Chemtrails isn't likely, it would end up killing the virus on the way down with the sunlight UV.

Curing or vaccinating the population Chicom19 with Chemtrails(?). Well, over the last 12 months I haven't seen any Chemtrail Ops over Chicagoland yet... :)

Chemtrails would be an obvious grid pattern during the day, and they do leave artifacts the morning after(Chemtrail Night Ops).

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