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Message Subject Ex-CIA Director Brennen Scrubs Twitter as Rand Paul Asks Trump to Revoke Security Clearance
Poster Handle A1Janitor
Post Content
As Stealth Jeff in twitter pointed out the removal of his clearance maybe an indication they have enough covert info on him and his leaking and who he's been leaking to.

This may indicate the hammer is about to drop on all of them.
 Quoting: Regal Beast

You can feel it.

Here is the oddest thing ...

Greg Jarrett and others wrote books about the Russia hoax months go. And Hannity kept promising the book to be released this week.

Always seemed like they were just waiting for something to drop. Because if not - how could the book have been complete without the latest months of info?

Hannity et al have seen a ton of info. They know the truth.

We have only seen 15% according to Hannity.
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