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Message Subject NEW DATA Just Out Says GIANT Pac-NW Earthquake is IMMiNENT
Poster Handle Pooka
Post Content
Once again, can't make this stuff up, folks!

[link to www.zerohedge.com (secure)]

I live in the affected area, and have no doubt one is coming, sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, the tsunami size expected means most of us west of I5 will not make it. That's overwhelming - that means a large, large population washed away. It even includes Seattle and Portland, though their washing away is not entirely bad.

As one who lives here, I know I cannot get to the other side of I5 in time - couldn't get halfway there, and of course factor in heavy traffic, broken or gasless vehicles, panic en route - so the only option is to go as high as possible near one's home, yet this is not a particularly hilly area - not where I live. Lots of small ones - but if this is as predicted some time ago, I've forgotten by whom, the tsunami could extend as far as Colorado - meaning millions upon millions of us will no longer walk the earth. God knows what the land will look like when it's done.

This is our world. New threats every day, and old ones updated. Major weather changes, earthquake changes, political upheavals - perhaps being swallowed in the earth or washed away are not such bad things, compared to continuing to live in what we have to realize is most likely the End Times, with worse to come.
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