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Message Subject Die Hard 'Bleeding Heart Liberal' to 'Die Hard Republican' #WalkAway 60's Hippie!
Poster Handle gh75
Post Content
Glad she's seen the light regarding President Trump but.. Being a die hard political party anything just seems rather shallow. Also, being a die hard liberal or a die hard republican (I'm assuming she means conservative) are polar opposites and shows she lacks any real conviction to begin with.

I don't care what republicans start doing. They could start a group ten times more abusive and corrupt than ANTIFA. They could become as corrupt as the democrats. It would not change what I believe in the slightest. I hold conservative/libertarian values to my core. I may disassociate myself from the republican party but I certainly wouldn't become a liberal to spite them.

I see how people can have an epiphany and realize the democrat party has become bolshevik in nature, oppressing free speech and totalitarian but I find it hard to believe these people have changed their opinions about a lot of liberal ideals that I strongly disagree with. The 2nd amendment comes to mind.

If they want to vote R from now on great. But accept what that means and don't try to influence what being a conservative means. We have enough RINOs already.
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