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Message Subject How many different power structures are battling for power right now?
Poster Handle ILuvLearnin&Nrg
Post Content

I wanted to ask the same question!

Well, there's a few ways you can slice it. Nationally, religiously, culturally.

The Vatican is legit, the Jevvys run this site I think, the US gov is all over the place, peeking down from space and what not. Pretty sure we got some entities peeking out from within but I dont think they're part of the same program/playing the same game as us...

Tough to say what the real distribution of power is like, probably similar to a Mexican standoff of sorts. Some pointing physical weapons, others pointing financial, and yet others with cultural...

That's probably all at different layers though. Tough to say if there's an overall form of container that encapsulates all of this, and is well controlled... (ie. is Earth (or large parts of it) incorporated into a greater system of control, with all the aforementioned then merely being internal strife)

Who can throw us a bone, shed a little light on this?
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