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Message Subject DOOM Break: Ancient Cities, Fab Architecture, History - China, Incas - Peru, Russia, etc, multiple videos
Poster Handle NotStarvingActress
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[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Ancient Underground City Found In Russia?

Mystery History
Mar 23, 2017

A few months back I shared the story of adventurous geologists who had trekked far into the cold wildernesses of Russia, in an effort to catalog the largest megalithic site on earth. So remote they are steeped in legends of snow yetis and mysterious monsters devouring all who dare to venture into these remote areas.

Strange occurrences such as that of the “Die-atlov” Pass which have supported such fears for many years.

When I shared the amazing images of these stoned structures many argued that they were natural formations, maybe because they struggled to conceive such enormous ancient ruins in such remote places. Discoveries that seem to be many hundreds of thousands of years old.
Maybe even as old as the Great Sphinx.

More and more is being learnt about them, with ever more daring explorations of the ruins being undertaken. A team discovered a vault in one of the stone megaliths, an access fault that led them into an artificially made stone cavern systems.

These underground structures are truly massive, and are undoubtedly constructed by an intelligent builder. Hidden for many millennia these caverns are not only massive but constructed using blocks placed upon one another which are over 50 feet in length in some instances. These stones are many thousands of tonnes in weight, seemingly placed effortlessly into the shape of underground walls.

This discovery has not shed light upon how the ancients built such structures but rather pushed their apparent capabilities farther from our understanding.

Not only are these structures purpose a vast mystery but they also contain placed stones bigger than any we have ever discovered, even eclipsing the unfinished stone found at the ancient Chinese quarry known as Yangshan. A stone can be found here half cut away from the bedrock in excess of 16,000 tonnes. It's thought by scholars to have been left at the quarry due to not being able to move it. Yet here we have stones placed into a cave system design which even outweigh Yangshan.

This not only proves they could move them but lift them and work them. Just how many quote "natural formations" are really just extremely weathered, once huge stone built structures?

Maybe there are many stone granite hills and even maybe mountains that dot our earth, which were, before mellinia of rain, grand structures of a forgotten people.

Informative Comments follow:

110% Natural formations from every image in your video. Nothing here is man made. Cool video though....I am sure some people will believe it.

Where do you think everyone went after the first nuclear war! Underground.

I find this site fascinating simply because the implications of an ancient culture that advanced are monumental. 16,000 ton blocks make the ones in Egypt look like river rocks, and to cut and move them with such precision boggle the mind.

The megalitic stones looking like giant walls were found in Siberia. The underground cave system was detected in Kabardino Balkaria which lies thousands of miles South of Siberia, close to the Black Sea.

There Were Giant's During this time.

Hmm I'm not buying it. I think the lines are just cut into the stones by some ancient humans. Have they been scanned with devices to see if the stones are in fact separate stones?

Gargantuan architecture from remote antiquity that would seem impossible to construct by any conceivable methods modern humans may apply. Are we possibly talking of the constructions, or perhaps even the dwelling places of, those 'men of reknown' - the Biblical Nephelim?

The mind can't even begin to fathom that humans of our modern proportions and strength could achieve such feats. Science must develop naturalistic interpretations of the processes involved in shaping such places. The Giants Causeway that can be found on the opposing coasts of north eastern Ireland and north western Scotland is a prime example of this. Yet the folklore hides a depth of mythological references to an epic battle between waring giants. The antiquity of such stories, is again undatable. But as with the case of Newgrange in the boyne valley 20 or so miles to north of modern day Dublin we have proven oral traditions that have remained unaltered for at least 6 millenia. This being the case is it not conceivable that such tales may have an ancestry dating back 10's or even 100's of Millenia back to a time that tribal legends refer to as the 'War of the Gods'?

I have always been enthralled by megalithic construction around the world but these are just natural formations. Interesting geology to be sure but don't get carried away and try and claim this is something that its not.

Genesis 6:4 There were giants (Nephilim) on the Earth in those days when the sons of God (angels) came down and mated with women producing mighty men (demi-gods) of renown (the source of the mythological figures we have all heard about). Google it, there are myriads of HUGE skeletons around the world that explain these megaliths.

These are all clearly natural rock formations... Having spent a LOT of time in the nature in the Finnish Karelia where there is quite a bit of rock. I can tell you that these formations are completely natural and not made by some super intelligent aliens.

There are cracks in the stones, there are also incredible things called potholes/giant's kettles which are nearly perfectly spherical holes created by a rock that is in the hole. Nature isn't always asymmetrical.

Looks like some places in the Canadian rocks....ours are natural!!!!

It's a natural formation. The same kind of "structures" can be found in Japan on the coast. Just because something has a right angle, doesn't mean it's man made.

Ancient reptilians, Nephillim, the fallen ones.

All of these humongous megaliths can't even be talked about anymore without mentioning Giants. Because it's a fact. There were human species before us that were gigantic (in comparison to us). Withheld history.

I have seen formations like these in outback Australia, lots of places more spectator.

Glaciers can form those types of surfaces, and move boulders where weight is not an issue, especially round stone in the notched out rock. Similar formations in Sweden.

All those pictures show is natural processes especially in an area that experiences really low temps.

Natural phenomenon - google TORS rock structures.

Some of these are natural. Maybe not all but some certainly.&

It's just weathering and erosion caused by water seeping and freezing in rock cracks.

Looks a lot like the rock formations in the Peak District in
Darbyshire. The Ice age had a lot to do with the formations in this film by the looks of it.
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