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The Queens Privy Council

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 75259227
United States
08/02/2018 08:57 PM
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The Queens Privy Council
I'm going to stoke the fires of patriotism here. I have learned that the patent office has outsourced its patent approval operations to a british company. Also the electronic voting machines (not diebold, that is another ordeal) are all operated by members of the Queens Privy Council to steal intellectual property and swing close elections. Not to mention that the queen is the most powerful person in the world with members of such council ripping off the wealth of nations in currency shorting and stock market directives.

My family has fought for freedom since the American Revolution. We need Trump to continue his investigation into voter fraud and continue his maneuver to keep american property in the hands of the american people and give us american jobs. It saddens me this old dandy who is "so nice" doesn't see the consequences of her actions and allows underlings to virtually manage the world economy.

I used to think the world was american, now im beginning to think all roads lead to london.

thank you and god bless america