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Message Subject Who hE iS?
Poster Handle the path
Post Content
He is the impossible manifested not by destiny, but by causality, synchronicity and natural intuition….

A product not of this age, but the summary of all ages and experience of mankind ….

He is the one that extracts forms, gain not of the know of this physical world, but those worlds of his inner dimensions...

For this he can act not as an experience of this realm but as the eternal constants of the truth will..


 Quoting: Lucifer (SuN)

You don't need to know who "he" is.
 Quoting: A Dangerous Genius

its not even the whole "you don't need to know" bs..
he simply could be standing next to ANY of you and you wouldn't notice/take heed, just another among the whole~

 Quoting: cannawizard

yep ,

Thread: He actually revealed himself to you ONCE, you just didn't know it was him.

You stood there face to face, not even 1 meter apart from each other, and you never had a clue.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72878608

Here is the truth.

His name is McPurple.

He will be revealed on the back of a coffee cup from which many will drink at once.

He shall not be known by them.

He shall be shown to all on July 27th during the event, and shall go unnoticed by all.

He shall poop, fall asleep, and his life shall be of no importance whatsoever.

You have been told.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1105545

Herein lies truth, which ye have ignored.

Ye are unworthy of him
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1105545

 Quoting: the path

 Quoting: the path
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