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Message Subject Who hE iS?
Poster Handle Sacred Geometry
Post Content

(Since I now discovered that the diamond spirits are here to play, I will share more again... peaking out, like the anemone arm, from coral reef source stream...)


2 min, visuals, no sound

64 tetrahedron grid tetragrammaton /
tetractys (god)
tree of life

dimensional consciousness

[link to youtube.com (secure)]

God Code Deciphered #3
* Star Tetrahedron
* Merkabah
* Sacred Geometry Revelation!
God Code Deciphered

Jacob discusses the inner workings of the Star Tetrahedron, our thought light vehicle, our CHARIOTS!!


Amazing revelation regarding Cuboctahedron = Perfect Equilibrium within the Star Tetrahedron!

17 min

[link to youtube.com (secure)]

Comments under video

tETrahedra etc and whatever you called it, its path of everything, what is what will and what has been, its a plan, scheme of this what you call "dimension" or better to say "time-space".

You see, we are "stars" that are inside this "material" body and we travel through "time/space" in the order or Tetrahedra or Jahove, our current God.

So, in the days back back, we switched from knowledge of everything, and order of everything - we made it into Jahove, a person.
And today you make it some kind of illuminaty concept of living.


Empress of the NORTH:
- Which explains the narrative of the Disney story "Frozen"


First thing I seen was thesis 417


Please help me to understand??? I still do not know how YHWH is a triangle.

Triangle is the smallest shape possible from the flower of Life...each and everything in this universe is made up of platonic solids and shapes... though..all other shapes can be divided into triangle..so triangle is the basic and the fundamental shape which helps to create the whole universe ...

My comment:
(This is why The Sacred Masonic Triangle / Egyptian Triangle, is built into Washington DC city design, the secret symbol - in honor of the veiled Goddess, in the new Atlantis...)


Empress of the NORTH:
- Which explains the narrative of the Disney story "Frozen"


Thread: GLP 8-Circuit Biological AI (Page 5)


Our True Creator is sometimes called Prometheus. The rising is of the human consciousness.

Snowflake is water. Water is the Prima Materia. We (humans) are the water.

Dimensions will be “meeting” with each other and a portal opening. The Earth is "expanding"... All those strange noises around the globe...

“...find your way through the fishers net to a place that is godlike...”

The way back HOME supposed to be thru the portal within ourselves and then portal in the Earth and portal in the Sun. But... Everything is HERE and NOW...

The place where we should go is described in the Tibetan Book of Death and in Eugenius Philalethes Rosicrucians letter.

Thread: An Old Rosicrucian Parable of Our Sacred Journey Home

 Quoting: Kinga



GLP AI... from 2008:

Thread: REAL MAGIC.. Cymatics - Bringing Matter To Life With Sound * add: cropcirlces + codes etc (Page 7)
. .




I just saw a vision

'We can do sound multi-dimensional.
and the crop-circles are tones,
it is a stargate.
if we stack it on top of each other,
each note will be a destination.
and, together too, in combination...

. .

Wrong intention will get you lost.
Who opened the Gate of Time,
and exposed the naked Eye?

A triangular reflector,
with a red laserbeam on a spinning prism,
in to the circle.
it affects time.

Firewheel... Sunwheel... Sun~time...

Close the Star, gate, with cross-frost snowflake Opening, Red lines.
CIRCLE is the electron, atom, serpent, lightflash...'


(I 'channeled' that march 2007 - )


The cropcircles = IT IS A LANGUAGE............


Found this comment under a special video (see below)
I think it was that one, its about Hyperdimensional Hexagon by Richard C. Hoagland.

" Im currently drawing out the images of the Gateway technology. Currently they cant access otherworlds as the sound frequecies cant reach beyond the earths magnetic field. though they are planning to build another telescope satilite that can send signals and recieve signal at a more finer and detailed way. The gate itself can not send stuctual infomation via or elecrical particles via an outsorld device. The device has to be outworld instead of effected by earths magnetic field"

[2008-12-10 22:07:36] Restart:

"As you say, the stargate is ET technology. The current usage of it is still in the process, via testing facilities that rupture atoms and particles. ie the problematic importance particle eccelerators. They aim to oneday transmit frequency signals into a type of Blackhole Gateway, But creating a Reciever Blackhole gateway. It works like radio signals. One Listens for Signals and the Other send them thus keeping both blackholes connected without disrupting any particle stuctures."

[2008-12-10 22:07:45] Restart:

"The Gate works, with Sound frquencies at a higher level that has the ability to expand an anti particle. You need a minimum of 3 sounds that work in a geometic sequency, usualy a triangle. these sounds are created by pressure in the outer ring energy field that pushes electrical sounds to the zero point. so the stargate has to be of perfect simitry. the gate receives and absorbs electrical particles from its outer ring when active. and the sounds need to be pushed into place before connection"

[2008-12-10 22:07:56] Restart:

"so far there are only 6 geometricly created gates, as there are only that many frequecies of sound using the geomitry of sound in the gate. there are 12 singular unit sounds. thesse are created by pressurising different elements to create the flow of energy, neally the same way a permanent magnet works, exept, energy is drawn into the center of the wheel, and outward enegry is absorbed into the wheel. its all very complex, but the system works no different if two radio station use the same band"

answer: (FEEDBACK)

Dec 12 at [00:37:10] T O:

Re: How infrared Light travel in Space

by junglelord on Thu Dec 11, 2008 4:18 pm
Light should be understood as Primary Angular Momentum.

Light is not EM.

[00:37:38] T O: Thu Dec 11, 2008 4:37 pm

[00:42:24] T O:

"Light or the photon is not Electro Magnetic as we are familiar with it. It is a Tempic vibration or loop which has no electric or magnetic field until it hits an atom able to absorb it into its electron shell adding back the EM components of its wave. Light is not bent by a magnetic field or an electric field because it does not have one in itself to be interactive with, it is only bent in a gravity field where we see stars bending the light from objects passing behind them.

It is the smallest pure tempic field vibration we normally encounter. Much like the torsion waves we see Protons emitting in the scalar coils, they can not be measured or detected using EM sensitive equipment, until they hit a system designed to move the energy back into the normal EM fields. Light does not loose energy as it propagates, the value of Planks constant shows us that it is a quantum energy packet that does not experience any loss as it travels. Torsion waves also exhibit this quality."

. .
 Quoting: Restart

I have been on this quest since 2002 on the frequencies and crop circles, needing to back engineer the crop circles to get the frequencies to stargate or break the matrix negative quarantine around Earth here.

Wilhelm Reich used his radiosondes at 403Mghz pulsed to clear the DOR negative fence a numerology 8 which he did this to get the orgone frequency of 15.

They said he first pulsed the 403 (7) to add to the DOR 8 to get to orgone 15 and once this was achieved resonating an orgone level (7+8=15) then he pulsed the 1680Mghz (15). This was to clear the environment and people's negtive energy to bring the healing rain and nature restore.

The J-rods came through at Roswell due to this stargate being opeend with Reich working on the weather to get rain and greening of the desert which their J stands for their numerology 15 which is how they are known numerology is that important to them. the closest in our language to their number for 15 is j.

Reich refused to cooperate for misapplication of his frequencies to bring orgone around the entire globe which is related to orgasmic fields and unarmoring and wound up with a hoaxed imprisonment and murdered.

The frequencies around 400-below 420Hz he warned about being harmful for mind control misapplication.

Duncan of the Montauk experiment noted they used 417Hz pulsed to shut down their free telepathy and consciousness, from a radio tower, and they resisted them and broke out of government control, shutting down the radio tower set to 417Hz. You watch out for binaural events.

I thought we should use the crop circles on ponchos for benevolent ET contact and for chakra balancing.

There was one crop circle that has gotten banned which was appearing in stigmatta, the crop circle, bird formations and clouds on www.exexexe.com which going to cache can still be found.

Children wearing this all called it the "happy shirt" and bad dreams quit and they forget disharmony of being misunderstood harshly.

I noticed where the UFO's came to Mexico doing the skywriting, "dropping us a line' with the line, then the 3D hebrew glyphs, ...with car horns honking going off when they made the same numerology as in the crop circles, or when doing the alpha and omega glyphs.

Heini had been selling the crop circle medallions and watches in Mexico in the cities and regions these appeared so perhaps you raise your vibration enough they gate over to share more or remind us.

When you get mind pulsed frequencies from benevolent ETs or the ships make the sounds you telepathically pulse it back the SAME tone and then dance what telepathically comes inside is a good dance. It's like a chirping kind of sound. Great endorphin release.

If the magic numbers box from the crop circle is write with the 99 numbers then they want frequencies 99 equidistant apart from the 528Hz they show in the crop circles and 7 of them raise the chakras inside us and 9 around us but when I asked about the 9 after you cleared up using the 528hz they wanted you to switch to 555Hz and do 99 equidistant apart from this.

the www.exexexe.com crop circle was the summary information of all of this holding all the numerology.

If any one can see what these frequencies make using cymatics I would love to see what crop circles they form.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 555807

also, GLP A.I gave me this...:

 Quoting: Soph 58298551

 Quoting: Sacred Geometry

Empress of the NORTH:
- Which explains the narrative of the Disney story "Frozen"

Here she demonstrate Her magical skills, artful design out of crystallized, frozen water (snowflakes)

[link to youtube.com (secure)]

(Song text COULD be about building Your MERKABA Lightbody,
to travel to the light...)


When every day just feels the same
and nothing has changed
it's time to make my getaway,
I'm like an eagle in a cage

Yeah - build a spaceship in my back yard
And I'll take you with me..
Ohh we will soon be on our way
Flying into outer space

We're already-already gone as we're movin' up
ohh-whee-oh - ohh-whee-oh
Yeah - I'm feelin' it
I feel the sun reachin' out for us
ohh-whee-oh - ohh-whee-oh

[Instrumental transition]...
You gotta let go (echo: go go go...)
You gotta let go (echo: go go go...)
You gotta let go-ohh-oooooh-oooooh
You gotta let go-ohh-oooooh-oooooh
You gotta let go

[Drums transition]... (echo: go go go...)

You gotta let go (echo: go go go...)

You gotta let go (echo: go go go...)

It's a one-way track
There's no turnin' back
Now we're leaving for good
Theres a world we've never seen
Calling out for you and me

We're already-already gone as we're movin' up
Yeah - I'm feelin' it
I feel the sun reachin' out for us


We're already-already gone as we're movin'-ohh
ohh-whee-oh ohh-whee-oh
Yeah - I'm feelin' it
I feel sun reachin' out for us
ohh-whee-oh - ohh-whee-oh

You gotta let go-ohh-oooooh-oooooh
You gotta let go-ohh-oooooh-oooooh
Yeeeeah - we let go (ohh-oooooh-oooooh-oh)

We are weightless tonight (go-ohh-oooooh-oooooh-oh)
We're flying towards the light


J.R.R. Tolkien, friends with C.S. Lewis who wrote The Narnia books. Narnia - about children stepping through a wardrobe -portal into another world..

He used an Archetype in the books too -
The Lion (Yeshua) sacrificed himself on the altar of evil, saving life... love conquers all.

Tolkien, wrote about the epic battle against evil too.
The Elves (The Shining Ones) in the books ~ also a hint to the lightbody of Yeshua, and Mary Magdalene...

[link to youtube.com (secure)]

William Henry is an internationally renowned investigative mythologist. He is the author of sixteen books and numerous DVD programs and is a contributor to The History Channel's popular series, Ancient Aliens.

In this interview, we begin talking about 2012. William clarifies the difference between the Aztec Sunstone and the Mayan Calendar.

Then, we discuss themes from his new book, THE SECRET OF SION. This book represents the culmination of William's search in Gnostic literature and sacred art that maps the path, called the "Way of Light", which leads to the gate of heaven.

He'll talk about a race of stargate time traveling ascended human beings dwelling at the center of our galaxy.

William tells us about stargate technology and how our body opens the stargate. He says we are the technology.

We also talk about Jesus as an avatar of a race of perfect light humans, the most ancient race of aliens.

William mentions a stargate technology "kit" that includes a star crown, mysterious anointing oil and a robe called the beaming garment.

We end the hour on the importance of achieving a state of true holiness, the current time of awakening and the goal of our quest to get out of here!
 Quoting: William Henry - THE SECRET OF SION

Elves, Lightbodies, beautiful warriors, skilled artists, smiths, architects, designers etc.

They left this world on a ship...

[link to youtube.com (secure)]

In the movie Lord of The Rings, you will see the elves organic Art Noveau-design, in Rivendell in the mountains where Arwen lives, and when the fellowship meets Galadriel in her gigantic tree mansions, ~ the elves design is a hint to Prague, known for it's Art Noveau. Prague, where Templar Knights designed the city in a Rose pattern, to harmonize the fields of the plasma angels in the wind (hurricanes, tornadoes...)

Skilled magicians, physics...

My vision is, to create tools that physics labs CAN use, to harmonize the upset tornadoes, to lessen to destructive impact on earth...

More in my next post...

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