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Message Subject Who hE iS?
Poster Handle Sacred Geometry
Post Content

Our "human body", a divine Tempel.
I wanna understand everything about the Body, Mind and Spirit-Alchemy!!!

The Church is infiltrated since thousands of years, I'm angry!!

I think we can hack our way out of Their mind fuck prison here!!

I know some Labs wanna find skilled Mind Warriors, recruit them, upgrade us to Super Soldiers, to battle Alien A.I., in twisted "games",...and other dimensional entities etc...

...others wanna stop us "Starchildren / Indigo / Crystal children"... so I'm aware it's a hot topic, with layers of cyphers, coded material kept veiled for thousands of years...

...it's very powerful knowledge, and the evil dark magicians don't want others to learn...

But that is my Quest!! To learn!! WISDOM!
AND Teach, by sharing my discoveries to empower others.

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