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Message Subject Who hE iS?
Poster Handle Sacred Geometry
Post Content



Thank you deeply,
finally someone who discuss, share contemplations.

I too believe in being emanations of...

... like fiber optics light cables hooked into Source, peaking out here... sharing data about what we funsd...

...we are like the infinity model (Theory of Everything is it called E7? I will find it)... shimmering in an amazing light show.

Kinda looking like a coral reef being with trillions of arms, flowing in the Source ocean...

I see each and everyone, as the tip, of their individual arm... Source can draw us in at any time, back home...

The tip is a shining light. You.

I will find videos, showing what I see.

I can't find the right words.

 Quoting: Sacred Geometry

Only very few here will get this...

I'm posting for the mystics in the shadows... ignoring the others.

11 min

[link to youtube.com (secure)]

Garrett Lisi's work in particle physics led him to find patterns in the geometry that led him to discover an 8-dimensional crystalline structure called the E8 Lie Group. //

Klee Irwin and the Quantum Gravity Research team have taken this and constructed a theory about the nature of reality itself all the way down to the plank length, where reality breaks down into pixellated tetrahedrons that through emergence theory has created a universal consciousness.

 Quoting: Sacred Geometry

Like a quantum computer - all possibilities are all loaded at once - it is a matter of the observer and the signal which is brought forth that creates the reality.

It's all here - its a matter of perspective and the proper conditions and the conscious observer (whether star, human, plant or light ect.) to complete the observed state as "actual" (though subjective and relative to observer and surrounding environment).

An interesting question in this regard of the conscious observer, do trees appear like trees to other trees when there are only trees around?

The themes present here are the same themes that describe the larger processes - like Russian Dolls - living in a quantum world and thinking in quantum terms, thinking in fractal terms in a fractal reality - parents resulting in a child - two cells become three - that area of play, the little bit of extra which potentially exists in all space - the over-unity in the parabola of the golden ratio between the light and the dark that allows for all things within that silver lining...

Each piece of the puzzle revealed through different pieces, such as the growth of a flower:

The nutrition of the underworld of oppositional forces resulting in growth, blossoming into the light and then decaying into death to act as historic base nutrition for the next seed that grows.


The principals are on display in macro and micro form, a divine pleasure to behold! For the conscious observer ;)

We take non-linear time into account, influences from outside of linear spacetime - and our ancient cosmic bohemian art creators and their story / our story starts to become clearer and clearer...

Paradox thrill seekers, living on the edge between nothing and something - between reality and a dream - based on illusions and the play of the light - magicians, directors, actors and audience alike.

But when we get to this depth, and wonder - how did the seed get planted from the future before it existed in the first place?

That necessary, emergent, non-linear and calculated time-loop paradox - which we seem to replay and relive in our own cycles of evolution on this planet over and over in different ages, in different themes and different embodiments - all of these stepping stones of evolutionary reflection - just how did the ball get rolling in the first place??

Even with the timeloop paradox - where did the initial momentum come from? How did the timeloop become possible? How did we create structure without structure?

These mysteries and more will be revealed when we are ready :)

 Quoting: PhiloSophiaZoso

The structure was/ is/ will be always there. The initial momentum moves through the face of the deep, the vast, invisible and primordial interstellar magnetic fields flowing majestically throughout the deep interstices of the Clear Light.

Probabilities not pre-loaded. Rather potentials riding, rising, sinking on the crests and troughs that border manifestation, golden spirals of cone shaped (tetrahedron) undulating helices.

All observer sight reflecting and becoming an emergent phenom, its emergent function guided by energy in undulating motion creating 'space' to thrive across causal dormant structures; efficiency and efficacy a temporal state of mass in motion now entangled in the elasticity of structure that IS emergent relationship.

A seed cracking like an egg to experience the in-between: depths, halocline membranes of pressure differential, airy heights.

Life amid death, our consciousness delivering experiences throughout the in-between: the interstices of being.

The Paradox exists in Mystery until Clarity of Light begins entanglement with the interstices of being, and reflection ripples becoming itself emergent causal fields of spiraling effects in motion.
 Quoting: Sicksent

Please check out the discussion on the E8 Model of Everything,
go to 47 min

But the interesting part starts according to me, at 22 min...

[link to youtube.com (secure)]

It is advanced for me, but I like it.

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