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Message Subject One Day SOON GLP will be banned!
Poster Handle 01234
Post Content
they could get the domain banned like I'm sure they intend to do to AJ since they even got his email and comment service to ban him.

No website without a domain.

Although could get around their BS by switching to a decentralized domain provider.
 Quoting: nuckinfuts

You can still bookmark an IP address.
 Quoting: Fret Wiz

I can't find the article but it was on Drudge a week or so ago-

Congress proposed to make hosting providers liable for fake news being hosted on their servers.

makes sense. hosts will require Digital ID for IP allocations, and offenders will be banned.

non-compliant networks will have their ASN's blocked by compliant networks, preventing IP transport to/from unregulated parts of the internet. (e.g. ukraine, syria, the netherlands.. popular bullet-proof hosting regions)

p2p public darknets through obfuscated protocols will be the future of free speech, out of necessity.

the u.s. gov. would not be offering bounties of millions of dollars in search of working Tor and Tails exploits.. if their [old news btw]funding of the project indicated much beyond u.s. gov agencies' continued use and reliance on Tor for overseas/covert operations themselves. yes they are eating the same dogfood as organized crime and privacy advocates. per official tor project disclosures

anyway i2p seems to be more future proof as a darknet. my opinions..
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