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Message Subject One Day SOON GLP will be banned!
Poster Handle Anonymous without the Mask
Post Content
Right, this site is owned by the united states air force and one of their intel group/operations. Which is why trinity begging for people to sign up is weird. Free speech site, given to us by the government to see what we say and how we respond to propaganda and news while creating profiles. And nobody is anonymous unless you always come here via a VPN.

Had a major in the military who was a family friend who got recruited into one of the intel agencies because he was top of his class and could speak Farsi and Arabic and looked the part. Would never tell us which agency he was recruited into, we'd get some tidbits and fuzzy incomplete details from him when he came back home from time to time after spending a few years in the middle east attempting to infiltrate groups and was then sent to Thailand to be what sounds like a handler and financer for someone or some group but anyways one day he calls out of the blue and tells my brother to stop posting (he used to post on a different conspiracy website very similar to this and well known) he told him point blank he was flagged high up on his list and that he needed to stop and that he could see everything he was doing as well as numerous other details about him as he was being profiled.

There were/are a number of additional details and parts to this story but I don't feel comfortable saying them on here as it could give him away since him telling my brother that is likely something he'd get in trouble for.
 Quoting: Cardiak

I've seen similar claims before about this site (including from the site your brother posted on in all likelihood). The thing is, unless your posts suggest you might be a nutter who might harm others in some way, who cares if you're profiled? If you're not breaking the law in some fashion, why does Big Brother scare any of us? We're not the true targets. Seen from the other side (that this is some sort of government psi-op), if you're not a nutter likely to harm others you also won't be targeted for recruiting/programming. If some shadowy Institute performs what amounts to market research or even social engineering by pressing people's buttons with certain posts, what does it matter? I don't honestly see the harm. Perhaps I'm naive.

On a personal note (and if I'm breaking a site conduct rule by asking, please will a moderator edit this paragraph?), if your brother did what you're doing posting on a conspiracy site and was warned off for his own good why would you persist in the same behavior, particularly on a site you believe is run by government intelligence? Not trying to be confrontational, I'm genuinely curious.

And OP, edit your title. Banning is the Bane of Free Speech.
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