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Message Subject One Day SOON GLP will be banned!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Im 41 ,This country has turned into a Joke..There are really great areas left in this great Country ...but its smaller n smaller every year...so sad what my kids will grow into ...not knowing REAL FREEDOM..UP is DOWN , ..This has been going on for awhile,Been watching it for years now ..its not getting better ...Trump is only a stopper for a little while,but in my soul i feel its going to get Medieval on us good guys ...History always repeats itself ...ALWAYS ...Why in the bible Said Christ will return at the proper time to rescue his faithful people .. BUT FOR NOW F,ZUCK F APPLE ,F TUNE IN RADIO,and so on ...IF THEY DARE COME FOR GLP ...WE WILL SURROUND TRINITY ......WE WILL GO TO SUPREME COURT...one way or the other ...im making a STAND ...HERE AND NOW ...angry
 Quoting: The ring of truth

here here... well said!

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