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Behind Closed Doors

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08/08/2018 10:09 PM

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Behind Closed Doors
You know.. When no one else is watching...

How often do our minds so easily fall victim to things that not only set us back in life but actually rot out minds and souls?

In this Modern Society so many people are not only living in isolation but are willingly partaking in actions that are in fact harmful to not only the mind body and soul of a human but of those nearest to us.

Society has fallen so low it doesnt seem like the People want to get up.

Do they even know they have fallen so far down the drain?

And before you start to respond in a way that makes it appear as if im acting all high and mighty; Wouldnt someone who was surrounded by the mess be the one most readily able to bring the topic up?

All I see are so many others ignoring the real issues.

Morality. Structure, Foundation....
And at another time, when they raised a question about fortifications, he said that a city is not unfortified whose crowning glory is men and not bricks and stones.
-Plutarch, Moralia