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Message Subject Qtards are deluded cult followers
Poster Handle CrankyFairy1
Post Content
This is the equivalent of a Q "drop" right here:

Q is one of the oldest scams in the book. Prey on peoples' hope by confirming their biases, mix in a little horoscope-esque predictions and wala. A 'movement' cult is born.

Qtards have invested in their cult beliefs so much that to admit they are wrong will cause too much cognitive dissonance, so instead they have to double down on their belief system. It's the same reason cult members reinforce their belief system when the cult leader's predictions fail.

Seriously Qtards, read this book: Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini. Recognize that you are being manipulated by a larp.

 Quoting: Boaty

I'm curious - what do you think is the "scam"? If the "Q" phenomenon plays out, what are you suggesting will happen at the end?
 Quoting: CrankyFairy1

The goal is to undermine Trump support by tainting his followers as loons.

While the MSM and far left already does this, giving well-meaning Trump supporters this Q cult crap, it allows them to demonstrate they are in fact nuts.
 Quoting: Boaty

How do you think it paints Trump's followers as loons or nuts? What do you believe, specifically, has been proven to be incorrect or damaging to Trump so far?

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