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Message Subject Qtards are deluded cult followers
Poster Handle jake
Post Content
Q does a great job of Reporting what sean hannity and sarah carter say on fox news
 Quoting: jake

So is your objection that, in your opinion, "Q" takes other people's research? Do you believe the information is accurate, just not original?

 Quoting: CrankyFairy1

Take a look at the next couple of news links or URLs Q posts in one of his 'drops'. You'll see something that looks like this in the URL: utm_source=TWITTER

Tell me why a high level clearance insider needs to use Twitter for his drops?

He's a larp.
 Quoting: Boaty

OK - let's say he's a LARP because of copying others. Even if it is not original info, is it bad that "Q" is sharing information that may be available elsewhere, and the information is getting out to the public via a different method? Do you believe that "Q" is getting people to look into things that they might not otherwise have looked into?

 Quoting: CrankyFairy1

I don't see it really hurts anything

if he asks for money dont give him any
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