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Builder uses digger to destroy row of houses after ‘not being paid’ (PHOTOS)


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08/13/2018 08:10 AM

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Builder uses digger to destroy row of houses after ‘not being paid’ (PHOTOS)
A builder took his angry work outburst to an extreme degree when he used an excavator to destroy a row of newly built houses because he was reportedly upset that he hadn’t been paid for work he had done on the properties.

Daniel Neagu was arrested at the scene and is due in court on Monday. The 31-year-old man has been charged with criminal damage after using the powerful machine to rip the facade off the buildings, in the small English town of Buntingford, on Saturday evening.

[link to www.rt.com (secure)]

Probably cheaper than him trying to recoup the money off those who owe him.
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