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Message Subject An Appalachian Werewolf | Werewolf of Webster County, West Virginia | 42 minute long video (free) | Mountain Monsters
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Werewolf of Webster County, West Virginia from the TV series Mountain Monsters available on cable tv

Watch the 42 minute long episode from Season 2 episode 4

[link to www.dailymotion.com (secure)]

Message from another thread from GLP

People have been complaining that GLP is boring so allow me to suggest the following TV show to ease the boredom and perhaps spark an interesting paranormal debate on GLP.

Actually, the real reason I am recommending this show is that GLP used to have submissions from Preppers. The Preppers were writing about scenarios where they could flee into the forests in the case that doom ever arrived to their neighborhood.

I just wanted to give the Preppers heads up that the woods might not be so empty when they seek shelter, so you might want to take note of that added danger.

The tv show takes place in the Appalachian mountains of multiple US states and it is filmed from the perspective of the gun wielding Hillbilly so if you are easily offended don't watch the show. The tv show also features Indian folklore (teepee not red dot) and folktales from European settlers who settled in the Appalachian mountains and encountered supernatural beings. T

he tv show has 5 seasons, so 5 years. The tv show series might start out lame but it gets down right sinister by the last season. So I selected Season 2 Episode 10 because it is one of the episodes where the video camera actually catches footage of the Monster, so keep your remote control handy to press the rewind button.

For a first time viewer, I recommend watching “Season 2, Episode 10 The Snallygaster of Preston County, West Virginia” of the tv show Mountain Monsters on your cable tv box channel archived section called “Destination America” or watch at this website link "Mountain Monsters Online - Snallygaster of Preston County - S2E10" click [link to www.destinationamerica.com (secure)]

Again the show is available on Cable tv on the Destination America channel archives "On Demand" or free online.

Actually.... it looks like it not free anymore on the Destination America channel, they ask you to sign in with your cable tv provider to watch it via the internet. So let me see if I can find this particular episode free somewhere else on the internet.... Yes! I found the full episode for freeon another website:
" Mountain Monsters Online - Snallygaster of Preston County - S2E10" just click [link to www.dailymotion.com (secure)]

So if you are bored, I recommend that you try to watch the shows in chronological order starting with Season 1, Episode 1 after watching this "Season 2 episode 10 Mountain Monsters Online - Snallygaster of Preston County - S2E10" and this can be done on the Destination America cable tv archives "On Demand" or on the Destination America website which now seems to want cable tv subscription when it used to have completely free full web episodes. I found one alternative website that has the Season 2 Episode 10 program for free but to watch the other episodes you might have to search for and then watch the episodes in chronological order using some other internet website.
 Quoting: Saber Tooth

I love that show so much I want to move to Virginia and hang out with Wild Bill. That guy is hilarious Huckleberry is funny too. It's good entertainment my favourite moment is when they caught Bigfoot but Chupacabra let him out! One of my favourite tv shows I prefer the earlier seasons myself but it has something that the Alaskan and Bayou shows just didn't have. Cheers for reminding me think I'll watch a few episodes now lol!
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